Men Make Up 78% of Labour Exploitation Victims in the UK

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In December, the National Crime Agency reported that the ratio between males and females exploited for labour in 2014 remains largely unchanged compared to 2013 with men accounting for most of the cases. Women make up only about 10% of the total figure. In terms of trafficking for sexual purposes, however, the reverse is true with some 95% of all victims being female.

Instances of minors exploited for work are also not as common. Of a total of 732 children trafficked to the UK in 2014, 46 were identified as victims of labour exploitation. Children have been found to be exploited in the catering industry, forced into different kinds of manual labour and perhaps most commonly of all kept as domestic servants. Still, bearing in mind that often young victims of exploitation do not come forward for years, it is fair to say that the number quoted above is very likely an underestimation.

Infographic labour exploitation victims in the UK predominantly men
Victims of labour exploitation in the UK are predominantly men


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