Slavery in the UK – in numbers

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We talk about modern slavery in developing countries as we look into our supply chains, but what is happening here in the UK?

In this country, modern slavery still exists. Although numbers are by nature difficult to assess, the government estimates that 13,000 people are affected. Many of them are already in vulnerable situations before ending up victims of trafficking, illegal activities or forced labour.

The UK Modern Slavery Act aims at providing more support to the victims to encourage them to come forward and feel they will be provided protection.

Clause 6 on Transparency in the Supply Chain encourages businesses to take measures to tackle slavery internally and through their supply chain. Today 36% of modern slaves in the UK are victims of forced labour. They work in factories, pick fruits and vegetables, fish seafood, work in restaurants to name only a few sectors.

This infographic from the Telegraph provides a comprehensive and disturbing snapshot:


Modern Slavery in numbers

This infographic is brought to you by Slavery in Britain – Telegraph.