ChainChecked works to support business on the issue of modern slavery. We enable business leaders to make changes within their organisation and throughout their supply chains towards ethical labour standards, taking action that will positively impact the lives of millions around the globe.



Positive change in a positive way is our motto. We believe that this approach is key to enabling change within all organisations and move us towards eradicating this global issue.


We work to help businesses understand the problem and its complexity, and to take action towards transparency and sustainability, presenting a positive case for change and celebrating businesses making progress on modern slavery.


We believe in practical, actionable steps that are approachable and help create meaningful change, and work with businesses at all stages of their journey.


We do not finger wag or ask businesses to be perfect on day one - the nature of the global economy and the complexity this creates in supply chains present a real challenge to transparent business - but neither do we allow this to be a barrier to change.



Our approach:



We help businesses understand the issue of modern slavery and their ability to make a positive impact.
 We make the business case for transparency, detailing the ways that businesses can benefit from a more transparent way of doing business, including talent attraction & retention, consumer marketing and access to investment.
 We provide practical ways of taking action within your business, focusing on policies, due diligence, risk management and performance indicators and how you can use each area to make a difference.


We celebrate businesses making progress, profiling organisations taking a range of approaches and at different stages of their journey. These role models show what is possible within all types of business.